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We are an architectural firm that provides you, home owners, businesses owners, developers and tenants, with professional architectural design and building permit services in Ontario.



Building Permits / Architectural Design

Renovation Services /Site Planning

We can also help you to contract for planning, heritage, zoning, interior design, landscape design, engineering and construction.

Our purpose is to help you increase the long term value of your property in reasonable time, for a fair price.Our experience with the City of Toronto and knowledge of zoning and the building codes will help you to move faster. Flexibility, care and attention to detail will save you money and inconvenience now, and in the future.

You can have all the latest tools and techniques of a fully qualified architectural practice at your service.

We are currently accepting new clients.

Call for a free one hour consultation at our office at the Thompson Hotel, King and Bathurst area.

If you are ready to start working with an architect, call or emailfor a free personal consultation at the Thompson Hotel, located in the King and Bathurst area of downtown Toronto.

Commercial/retail design and building permit drawings

Chandigarh Citywalk retail facade.

Design for a themed retail street, Chandigarah India. Client is Forrec Inc.

If you have a commercial property, such as a street level retail store, office or studio space, and need an architect to design for a building permit in the City of Toronto, my firm can expedite this for you.

Residential design and building permit drawings

If you own a home, low rise residential property, and are planning an addition or renovation, want to change its use, call for a quote for a building permit and design services.

Illustration by hand and design software

As a specialty, we offer a variety of personal hand sketch styles with Adobe Photoshop or hand coloration for your architectural design. Please see my portfolio link for samples.
Google Sketch Up, and Autodesk AutoCAD or REVIT models are available for both documentation and design imaging.

Building Information Models - BIM - with Autodesk REVIT design software

REVIT is a popular new interacive 3-D intellegent modeling software that is far superior to tradional 2-D AutoCad architectural drawing. Use REVIT to:

3d model of a server room reno.

  • Save 10% of your construction budget by reducing change orders from interference design errors. Although REVIT modelling in 3-D can increase drawing time in the beginning, REVIT has proven savings by the end of your project, depending on its use.
  • See design changes as they happen with REVIT's quick rendering feature. You don't have to wait till the end of the job to see what it will all look like.

  • Get quick and accurate estimates of construction costs with REVIT's interactive scheduling. As Revit is an accurate 3d model of the construction, we can input the cost of the elements of your design for faster cost and bid managment. REVIT will output cost, area, volume, and specification data into a simple table in real time as things change, creating element totals for your review.
  • We are certified to construct BIM models in AutodeskREVIT by George Brown College.
  • We have the full use of all Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium software.

Retaining Landscape architects and Interior Designers in Toronto

We can offer you contacts to creative landscape and interior design professionals for large and small projects. We have longstanding relationships with specialty firms offering niche services in landscape architecture and interior design.

It's easy being a green architect

It's no longer an option being green, it's the law. The new Part 12 of the Ontario Building Code requires stringent insulation and air/vapor barrier detailing for improved energy efficiency. As a LEED qualified architectural design firm, we can help you comply.
Saving on your energy bills is also a strong benifit of green strategies. Some of these ideas may not only cost little, but save you money. We consider green energy a wise lifestyle choice.

Barrier free design is everywhere

Your Toronto store, house, business, condo or public space can accommodate the needs of those with disabilities. Clients and customers alike appreciate the benifits of barrier free design. The bigger bathrooms, wider corridors and doors, and wide low slope ramps help you operate your business and attract customers. To even change a door in your condo in Toronto may require a building permit with barrier free design.

Enjoy Toronto's heritage architecture

If you are lucky enough to own a listed heritage structure in Toronto, we appreciate your wise investment. We want to work with you to ensure that your renovation and reuse of the historical fabric of Toronto is designed to be beautifull, sustainable and profitable. Our location strategy on King West in Toronto showcases the merging of high quality old and new structures in a design sensitive neighbourhood. It's not only about improving your land value. We care about the past and the future alike.

Solve building permit violations in Toronto

Do you have a buiding department ticket from the city of Toronto, an order to comply, or a court order for code or permit violations? Please call me today for immediate relief from prosecution.

I can help you sucessfully resolve a history of permit concerns by negtioating openly with the city. It may be possible to pay for the work using real estate title insurance.

King West Location map


We are convieniently located for your easy access at the Thompson Hotel Complex off Stewart Street, close to the Gardner Expressway Spadina exit, the Island airport, and the King Street streetcar.

The Toronto Thompson Hotel

Thompson Hotel

Hotel entry day and night.

Drive west onWellington Street West from Portland street and park. COLETTE CAFE VALET PARKING for $20.00, PARK HERE surface lot for 10 to 25 depending on the day, or on demand metered street parking in the area. Wait and Relax in the Thompson Hotel lobby bar or Colette Cafe area.


Valet parking is available at the Colette Cafe next to the Thompson hotel entry. Surface parking at PARK HERE beyond.

Colette has its own French bakery for meeting treats.

Rent Thompson Hotel Design Meeting Facilities

The Toronto Thompson Hotel has a variety of casual and free meeting facilities with food service: the Thompson Diner, the Rooftop and the Hotel bar lounge. Meeting rooms are available for a fee.

Call for directions or a meeting room booking.