Many building owners, investors and contractors are justifiably concerned that their project will run out of money before completion, or worse, ruin their finances.

The good news on construction estimation is that now there is software to automate the estimation process, helping prevent dangerous cost overruns.


Don't let this happen to you. Estimate your reno carefully.

Why estimate?

Previously a cost estimator and an engineering firm would need to be brought on at various design stages to accurately estimate design and construction costs as a part of basic design services. 

Alternatively a construction manager could be given the duty of progressive estimation in return for a fee. Smaller renovation projects between home owners and contractors were cause for concern as budgets didn't allow independent professional estimation. Some condo boards, in their innocence, trusted single source general contractors to control their own costs. Possible kickbacks and bid rigging can escalate construction costs.

The Software Xactimate - Xact Remodel.


The Service Providers - SPICA Construction Management

Glenn Durkin is the owner of this estimation company that helps us control your project costs.  He offers Xactimate estimates for renovation projects.

Brilliant Lessons From the World of Cost Consulting

1. The Challenge of Foreclosed Property Estimation

In early 2009, The Home Depot recruited RAR Contracting

for its HRS program. Under the HRS program, participating

lending firms assign RAR Contracting to inspect foreclosed

homes and compile lists of the renovations needed — such

as paint, carpet, and appliances — to make the properties

sellable. The HRS program also allows RAR Contracting to

work with homeowners who qualify for a renovation loan

through their mortgage lender.

The HRS program typically follows this pattern:

• A home falls into foreclosure or gets approved

for a loan.

• The lending firm submits a work order.

• RAR Contracting receives an express

renovation authorization.

• RAR Contracting assesses the home and makes

a list of recommended repairs.

• RAR Contracting sends its estimate to

the lending firm.

• The lending firm approves the estimate.

• RAR Contracting renovates the home.

At the time, RAR Contracting used niche estimation software

and in-house price lists to calculate the cost to remodel

kitchens and baths. These programs worked well for those

types of projects, but the HRS program often required RAR

Contracting to estimate projects that fell outside the scope of

their estimating platform.

“From roof renovation, repair, and replacement all the way

down to foundation work, we really needed something that

would cover the whole spectrum of home and commercial

remodeling,” said Skip Renza, Managing Partner of RAR


Areas RAR Contracting Wanted to Improve

RAR Contracting wanted to adopt a versatile solution that

could easily estimate the gamut of projects it received, from

roofing and framing repair to flooring and appliance replacement.

The company also sought a solution that would ensure

accuracy by providing access to comprehensive local pricing

data for building materials, labor rates, and equipment

lists. And since participating lending firms requested highly

detailed reports of proposed work, RAR Contracting wanted

the ability to itemize each repair cost for assigned projects.

2. Estimating flood damage with Xactimate.

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