Every building needs a package to control interior and exterior signage.

New tenants are sometimes lost when confronting their signage needs They ma rely on a designer’s sign design standard packages to design and fabricate signage for their project.   Question’s can be: How high are the letters allowed to be, what can the sign be made of, is it illuminated somehow at night, will the building except it, what company am I supposed to use?

These small projects can refer to a simple vinyl lettering job or a whole surface mounted internally illuminated sign box.


Along with landscaping, great sign design standards for your building keep real estate values high. In contrast. Poor design standards ruin what may have been a big investment in your buildings image and your tenants business. 

As a one time design cost, a design package is a great investment.

We can show you mock ups of an application with options, or draw prototype sign permits for your tenants to use in creating their signage. We can recommend good sign companies to keep fabrication costs down and uniformity up.


Here is an example of my firms design for our own simple reverse vinyl lettering signage in our window as a precedent. © ERICKSONG ARCHITECTS INC. 2018